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Is Espresso Different from Coffee?
Is espresso any different from other coffees and what does 'espresso' even mean? I admit that even though I am a huge coffee drinker, and fancy myself a coffee aficionado, I do not really know how coffee and espresso are different. The difference between a cup of coffee and shot espresso all lies in the flow of water.

Estate Grown Coffee
Estate Coffee is the product of one farm, and cannot be mixed with crops from other farms. Aloha Kona Coffee is directly involved in all aspects of the coffee process to its final stage.

Why Aloha Kona Coffee Tastes Better
Coffees from Kona are known for their robust, earthy characteristics, with flower-like notes, and a great balance. When coffee is from the Kona region it infers many things. Aloha Kona Coffee offers a very full-bodied medium dark roast that is perfect balance for coffee lovers.

Aloha Kona Coffee Roasts
At Aloha Kona Coffee our specialty is our medium dark roast, which is roasted fresh to each order at 464 degrees. This roast maximizes taste and aroma, leaving a perfect oil balance with no sharp bite.

100% of Quality Kona Coffee Beans
We guarantee not only the quality of our coffee, but also the fact that you buy 100% of quality kona coffee beans. Don’t settle for anything less! Only coffee from the Kona Districts can be described as "Kona".

Kona Coffee Terminology
Kona coffee related terms

Kona Coffee Growing
Coffee growing and processing at Aloha Kona Coffee Farm

Grades of Kona Coffee Beans.
Hawaii is the only coffee growing area in the world that requires continuous and rigorous testing to certify its coffee. Kona Coffee is held up to the highest standards and graded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDA) and is based upon a grading system which takes into consideration numerous factors.

Tips for Brewing Kona Coffee
At Aloha Kona Coffee we roast each bag fresh to order so you will always start off with the freshest coffee possible! It is important to store, grind, and make coffee properly to ensure the best taste!

Kona Coffee Cake Recipe
This recipe is based on a classic pineapple upside down cake. It is a wonderful treat to be served alongside a hot pot of coffee. This recipe is very tropical and very easy to make!

Hawaiian Folklore and Coffee Practices
Hawaiian culture believes that the land itself is infused with spiritual energy called "mana" and that anything that arises from the land carries this energy.

History of Kona Coffee in Hawaii
Aloha Kona Coffee is a perfect example of the classic Kona Coffee tradition being kept alive. It is a small farm that is family fun and can guarantee the quality of its coffee in the old tradition

Coffee Tasting (Coffee Cupping)
The practice of observing and the tasting aromas (and qualities) of brewed coffee. Anyone can be a taster but there is specific professional practice called a “Master Taster”

Coffee - Evolution and Revolution
Nearly 80% of Americans drink coffee every morning. Gone are the days scooping pre-ground, coffee grinds out of a can. Today more and more discerning Americans want an aromatic, warm cup of quality 100% Kona coffee

Coffee and Health Benefits
A study conducted by the Harvard University School of Public Health, shows there is less of a risk for developing Type II diabetes in regular coffee drinkers. People who consume coffee on a regular basis also show lowered rates of suicide, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, colon cancer and heart disease.

Image Gallery of Aloha Kona Coffee Farm
Aloha Kona Coffee Farm images: Kona coffee products, coffee beans, trees, cherries, Kona coffee growing, processing. High-resolution Kona coffee-related images are available

Kona Coffee Recipes: Pairing Kona Coffee with Food
On Sunday mornings nothing is better then sitting around with a cup of coffee and muffin while enjoying spending time with your family and friends. Coffee and food is a great way to bring people together.

Fun Coffee Facts
Hawaii is the only state coffee is grown in the U.S.; coffee was first made in Arabia; coffee is the second most used product in world besides oil; coffee is the most popular drink besides water; the best coffee to drink is Aloha Kona Coffee.

See Kona Coffee growing
Whether you are visiting the Big Island to sightsee or relax, one highlight not to be missed is seeing Kona coffee trees in bloom.

Coffee culture, coffee activities
In the past few decades coffee has become the king of beverages. Coffee houses and cafes around the world are now the widely excepted places to meet to discuss business over a cup of coffee or sit and visit.

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