Aloha Kona Coffee Farm and Kona coffee products

  Kona Coffee Pack


There is an art to growing coffee!  Coffee has been grown in Kona for many generations and much knowledge, skill and science has been passed down to us on the proper way to grow coffee.  Aloha Kona Coffee Farm is located in the  "heart of coffee country".  A world-renowned coffee specialist planted the orchard.  The soil and leaves are analyzed regularly to make sure the PH is perfect, which is why the coffee is so smooth. The Leong family is originally from Hawaii and has a great love of the land and growing coffee. Coffee is our passion, and you will taste it in the coffee!  We are sure you will find Aloha Kona Coffee to be one of the best cups of coffee you have ever tasted! Please contact us at with any questions or comments.  Enjoy Aloha Kona Coffee with warm Aloha — The Leong’s