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Welcome to Aloha Kona Coffee Farm
Coffee is our specialty... We do it best!

Aloha Kona Coffee uses only 100% estate grown Kona coffee. Situated on the beautiful mountain of Hualalai, the coffee farm overlooks the historic town of Kailua-Kona. The warm morning sun and misty afternoons breathe life into the coffee beans. There is no better place on earth to grow rich, gourmet coffee and get the flavor and aroma that comes only from 100% pure Kona coffee. Aloha Kona Coffee grows, harvests, processes, and roasts the coffee on the farm, guaranteeing each bag of coffee is the very freshest you can buy.
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Aloha Kona Coffee Club

Mahalo to our loyal customers who have been part of the Aloha Kona Coffee Club. Effective immediately we have discontinued the Club in an effort to keep costs down and not raise prices. The farming industry gives us new challenges every year and we try hard not to pass along costs to our customers.

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